AGPtek® In Pair 12 Colors LED Light Up Waterproof Shoelaces
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AGPtek® In Pair 12 Colors Battery Powered LED Light Up Waterproof Shoelaces - 3 Modes (On, Strobe & Flashing), 2 Feet Long

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·  Colors included Yellow, Green ,White Yellow,Green Pink,Red blue,Pink Blue,Red Yellow,Orange,Green Yellow,Colorful,Red Orange,Blue Green.

·  Each Shoelace is 2 feet long

·  Great for any type of lace-up shoes such as skate shoes, roller skates, roller blades, ice skates and more

·  Includes batteries

·  Three (3) modes On, Strobe and Flashing

·  Lasts up to 70 hours

·  Waterproof, washable, durable and safe

·  Works on any lace-up shoe, boot, skate, etc.

Powered by CR-2032 Watch Battery

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