Bubi Bottle: BPA-Free collapsible water bottle - 14oz.

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The incredible shrinking sports bottle just got even more compact! Introducing the 14 oz. Bubi Bottle. The perfect size for a gym class, a mid-range hike, or any activity where it pays to travel light, this brand-new BPA-free "Baby Bubi" sports bottle has already proven to be an immensely popular and convenient size for its foldability, versatility and durability.

Key Features:

• The 1.75 inch opening provides easy filling and dispensing. The mouth has a retainer which meters the water flow and can be removed to add ice.
• Made of high grade silicone. BPA-free and FDA-approved for food contact.
• Eco-friendly, RoHS approved in Europe, FDA-approved in USA, materials.
• Produced in 14oz, to meet your specific needs. 
• Fits easily into a pocket or fanny pack.
• Totally spherical (with no creases), the bottle can be cleaned easily with a brush or place in the dishwasher.

  • Materials: Silicone, PP, aluminum
  • Care instructions: Dishwasher, or hand wash
  • Country of origin: China
  • Dimensions: 4 x 2.75
  • Weight: 4oz.
  • Versatile: Rolls up, Multi use, add coffee or tea, heat soup or water over a camp fire, turn it inside out to wash should you need. You will love it


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I ordered this bottle on Dec 2nd I thought is was a really pretty color. I removed the aluminum hook and just put the bottle in the dishwasher (I don't use any heat drying settings) to wash any factory residue off. The color is now faded, and the bottom is bloated and doesn't stand well. I haven't even gotten to use it and when I put the hook on, the hook is broken. Kind of an expensive bottle for me not to even have used it once. I believe the advertisement states that the bottle can be turned inside out, for cleaning but I tried and never even got close to having it turn inside out. All in all, I am unhappy with this bottle.

Bought it aqnd unfortunatly had a take _silicone?

I agree about the shipping charges. There are lots of items I've passed up because of it.

Holy SMACK!!! WTH is the shipping so dang high? I think if some one was to buy say like 5 of these, there should be some free shipping in it for them...or even this "One shipping price no matter how many they buy". You would be amazed at how many more ppl would buy your product.