GroVert Frame Kit

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GroVert Frame kit , includes GroVert Vertical Planter, Irrigator, Collector, Mounting Bracket and Frame. 

Available colors:

Walnut, Oak, Sea Foam, Paintable, Cherry, Black, Barn Wood, Buttermilk, Stacked Stone

Additional 20% off exclusively on Wicker-Wave-Traditional Red,White & Brown GroVert Frame Kits  *While supply lasts.


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#clearance #sale GroVert Frame Kit while supplies last.

How do I water a 45 cell Grovert? Do I just buy one irrigator and collector?

I think I LOVE THESE! I am a psychotherapist and redoing my websites on my two sites with a shopping section, primarily for my books and cds but I would very much like to add some unique items - Some of your pieces go so well with my philosophy for living and what I try to teach my clients along with how to be happy from the inside out if you are interested in discussing this with me further - my email address is I won't give you my website here as I don't intend it to be free advertising but if you email me I'll give it to you and you can check me out. Your items match my philosophy beautifully and I will be donating a portion of the profits to animal charities and those that help with world peace and preservation of our universe!

For Weddings,Birthdays or Graduations or just for yourself. Give the gift that Brings Life to Art! GroVert Frame Kits are unique and beautiful. 20% off on exclusive frames *While supplies last.