Luxurious Sparkle iPhone Cases by Crystal Icing

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Crystal Icing, founded in New York in 2004 distinguished themselves as "tech-stylists". They pioneered the concept of infusing fashion and style into thw world of mobile accessories, causing fashion taste makers to fixate on their unique collections and sparking off the global Swarovski Crystal mobile accessory trend.
  • One-piece construction for easy installation and removal
  • Easy access to controls for easy installation and removal
  • Limited lifetime warranty: Covers any crystal fixes you might need. Crystal icing covers the cost of the first repair and any additional repairs needed would be a small fee. 
Swarovski Crystal Element CasesEach crystal case is handmade by the design team at Crystal Icing using over 1,000 Swarovski Crystal Elements.  
  • Packaging: All cases come in gift boxes (shown on Dr. Phil segment)
Crystal Icing Select Cases
Our Crystal Icing Select designs use over 2,000 high quality crystals on each case and provide easy access to controls, touch screen, and ports


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This phone case makes me smile when I look at it. Can you believe it’s been handmade with over 1,000 Swarovski crystals? So much sparkle, it’s beautiful! I like to think of it as treat to myself. 

Of course, it would make a great gift for the girly-girl in your family and friend circle!


My question too Bonnie, so many products say Ipad, or Iphone, but what will fit Blackberry and other phones, and Samsung and other Tablets?Are they interchangable, of brand specific? There is more in life than I.....

Do you make a case for the Samsung note 3? And if so what is the price?

I want the pink for my new iphone 5!

Why are there no returns?