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Dazzlepro 7 Day smilepacks™
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Dazzlepro 7 Day smilepacks™
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Effective, fast teeth whitening couldn’t get much easier or speedier, thanks to Smilepacks™ BY Dazzlepro. Simply open the package, gently place the two pre-measured, pre-filled trays on the upper and lower teeth, and let the makeover magic begin. The safe, enamel-friendly solution immediately gets to work, whitening and brightening teeth. After a daily 20- to 45-minute treatment and a quick rinse, dispose of the trays. Smilepacks delivers visible results in as soon as 3 days, with maximum benefits in 7 days or less.

The Smilepacks system is the perfect solution for anyone with natural teeth who quickly wants or even needs a whiter, brighter smile. With its disposable, hassle-free trays, it’s ideal for people making public appearances — from the bride and groom to professionals in the boardroom. The convenience and travel-size packaging of Smilepacks also makes sense for anyone on the go. Tap the makeover power anywhere, anytime. Peel and slip in the trays for the morning commute, while sitting at the desk, or simply relaxing by the pool with a book. Used in combination with good oral hygiene, Smilepacks helps achieve long-lasting, smiling satisfaction.

  • Easy, 3-step whitening system
  • Convenient, disposable upper and lower teeth trays
  • 7-day supply
  • Latex-free, leak-free solution
  • Comfortable, one-size-fits-all nylon fit
  • Pre-filled, pre-measured product — no syringes, application or mess
  • Gentle, effective ingredients (e.g., enamel-friendly hydrogen peroxide vs. abrasive carbamide peroxide)
  • Cool mint flavor
  • 20-45 minute daily treatments
  • High performance: results visible in 3 days, complete makeover in 7 days
  • Designed for whitening natural teeth only
  • Longer results and greater oral health enhanced by the Dazzlepro Advanced GT Sonic Toothbrush
  • 11% Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

Ingredients: Glycerin, Water, Hydrogen Peroxide, Silica, Carbomer, PVP, Potassium Hydroxide, Dipotassium Phosphate, Flavor, Sucralose, Citric Acid, EDTA, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

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