EYN Case for iPhone 4/4S and 5

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4-in-1 Case for iPhone 4/4S and 5.
Protection, Storage, Stand, and Mirror


 was developed as a simple solution to an everyday problem: having the freedom to walk around with just your phone and a few necessities—a couple credit cards, some cash and your ID. We felt that most people nowadays don't want to carry much more, so that's why we created eyn (pronounced 'n')— which stands for everything you need

While designing eyn, our goal was to create a built-in storage area within the case that clicks shut and keeps your personal items hidden and secure, so you can carry everything together all in one place.   

No more...
  • carrying a bulky wallet or oversized bag (unless you want to)
  • shoving your credit card and cash in between your phone and case
  • exposing your personal items on the exterior of the case 
  • taking your phone out of its case just to make a call
And we've also included a mirror for quick touch-ups.

  • Choose a color for either iPhone 4/4S or iPhone 5
  • Hinged back clicks shut
  • Holds three bank cards and cash comfortably
  • Enclosed mirror
  • Kickstand feature for watching videos and FaceTime chatting
  • Eyelit at top to attach wristlet for hands-free carrying
  • Black wristlet included
  • Access to phone and all ports/controls
  • Form-fit feature protects screen
  • Material: polycarbonate
  • Rubber coating for sleek finish and secure grip
iPhone 4/4S Dimensions: 4 5/8" x 2 3/8" x 3/4"


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This isn't just any old phone case. And you know I love phone cases, so I've fallen for quite a few--but when I found this one I thought it was just totally different from anything else I'd seen. This case has a mirror in the back (yes, a mirror!) and a compartment to hold your ID, credit cards, and money. You can run out the door handbag free!

Oh, and if you want to watch videos on your phone or use it as an alarm clock, the back compartment of this case kicks back into a stand that keeps your phone upright for viewing. So brill!


BEST. CASE. EVER. Easier to hold when talking, carries necessaries ($, Credit Card & DL), comes equipped w/handle … oh yeah, and it has a mirror inside the compartment! LOVE this OH SO MUCH!

I love this case. My son ordered a different one and it only held 2 cards and they fell out when you opened it. He saw mine and ordered one. I have the iPhone 5, he just got the 5C and wants another one. It is thicker than I had hoped, it does fit in my jeans pocket. It holds cash and 3 cards.

I read that the case doesn't fit the new iPhone 5s-is this true? If so, when will they be coming out? I've had a pink case for my iPhone 4S & the hinges broke recently when my phone fell face down onto laminate wood flooring from about a 4 ft. ledge. The phone was untouched, but the case wouldn't seal tightly after that. I was so thankful it afforded such good protection & want one for my new phone ASAP!

Soon after getting this case, one of the hinges broke and the back part had a hard time snapping shut after a while. It was a very cheaply made case compared to other cases that have the "card holding" feature. The pictures also don't do it justice on how big it actually is. I could never fit it in my pocket.