Cayenne Pressure Cooker
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Fagor's brand new Cayenne pressure cooker adds a splash of "flavor" to any kitchen. Made entirely in Spain, this high quality Stainless Steel pressure cooker is designed with sleek ergonomic handles that make for easy opening and closing.

The Cayenne is designed with our automatic locking mechanism which securely locks the pressure cooker. The unit is designed with 2 pressure settings, High and Low, an automatic pressure release setting and a Maximum Level Indicator. It also comes with a versatile Stainless Steel steamer/ pasta basket that can be used to create endless dishes and a full color cookbook with over 50 delicious recipes.

Available in 6qt. and 8qt. sizes:

  • 6 qt. unit includes the steamer basket
  • 8 qt. unit includes the pasta/steamer basket.


  • Made in Spain and crafted from Stainless Steel.
  • 2 pressure settings, 15 psi (HIGH) and 8 psi (LOW).
  • Valve removing position for easy cleaning.
  • 10” diameter base family for better browning and searing.
  • MAX-line indicator that alerts you of filling the pressure cooker past its two-thirds of filling capacity. Automatic self-locking mechanism.
  • Easy automatic pressure release setting.
  • 6 qt. unit includes the steamer basket and the 8 qt. unit includes the pasta /steamer basket.
  • User’s manual.
  • Recipe book with over delicious 50 pressure cooking recipes.
  • Made in Spain.
  • 10 year-warranty

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