Duo 10-Piece Pressure Canning Set

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The Fagor Duo 10 Piece Pressure Canning Set is an all-in-one set that includes a canning rack, jar wrench, jar lifter, wide mouth funnel, magnetic lid lifter, ladle, bubble freer, pressure cooking booklet and a home canning cookbook. This canning set is not only a safe and cost effective way to preserve your favorite foods; it’s also a great solution to creating and preserving healthy meals for your entire family. This canning set is extremely versatile and is the only safe method of preserving low-acid foods like meats, seafood, green vegetables and anything with a pH level of more than 4.6. The 10 qt Duo Pressure Cooker can also be used independently of the canning set to cook a variety of healthy meals fast and efficiently. This unit creates meals in 70% less time, maintaining the natural color, essential nutrients and flavor of foods for healthier dining. The Duo Pressure Cooker has been voted Best Buy in Leading Culinary Magazine and Top Choice on National Culinary Cooking Shows.


  • 10 quart Stainless Steel Duo Pressure Cooker/Canner.
  • One touch energy-efficient operation with lid that self-locks at the flip of a switch.
  • Safety-lock on handle pressure valves control pressure and prevent premature opening.
  • Two pressure settings, HIGH (15 psi) for canning or cooking meat and LOW (8 psi) for delicate foods.
  • Pressure indicator with valve signals to gauge pressure, and determine when to increase or decrease burner heat.
  • 18/10 stainless steel with aluminum-encapsulated base for even heat distribution, cooking consistency and energy efficiency.
  • Helper handle for easy transport.
  • Ten year limited warranty.


  • 10-quart Duo Pressure Cooker
  • Canning rack
  • Jar wrench
  • Jar lifter
  • Wide mouth funnel
  • Magnetic lid lifter
  • Ladle
  • Bubble freer
  • Home canning cookbook
  • Pressure cooking recipe book and user's manual 

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Could you tell me if this can be used on a glass cooktop? #pots, cookware, cookwarebakeware, kitchenfood

Have a question: with the 10 qt. is there a minimum amount of food that you have to use. If I wanted to make something for 4 people as I would in a 6qt. could I still use the 10qt.

I could really use this set. We grow many veggies and need to learn how to can. This would be a great starter kit.

Been wanting to do this for a long time.