3 in 1 Electric Multi-Cooker

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Fagor’s 6 qt. Electric Multi-Cooker is a Pressure Cooker, a Slow Cooker and a Rice Cooker in one. It also features a "Brown" and a "Warm" function. The 6 qt. removable cooking pot is dishwasher safe and non-stick coated for easy cleanup.

3 Cooking Programs:

Pressure Cooking Program- Thepressure cookingprogram reduces cooking time by up to 70%. Choose between High (9 psi) and Low (5 psi) pressure to prepare a great variety of healthy meals in minutes.

Slow Cooker Program- Use the slow cooking program to prepare slow cooker classics such as pot roasts, soups and stews. Choose between High (212° F) and Low (190° F) temperature settings. Add ingredients in the morning and dinner will be waiting for you.

Rice Cooker Program- No more soggy or burned rice dishes. All your recipes will be cooked to perfection with the automaticrice cookingprogram.


  • "Warm" and "Brown" functions.
  • Programmable delay-timer for up to 6 hours.
  • Self-locking lid and automatic pressure release setting for your convenience.
  • The lid will not open while there’s pressure inside the cooker.
  • Two independent pressure control valves and anti-overheating protection for added safety.
  • LED screen with soft-touch control buttons.
  • Brushed stainless steel exterior.
  • Detailed Users Manual.
  • Full Color Cookbook with 70 recipes
  • Requires regular 110V household power.
  • ETL approved.

Find more about the 3 in 1 Electric Multi-cooker and other Fagor products in the Fagor America website.

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Please let me know when I will receive the %30 discount again as I was getting ready to purchase one yesterday when they sold out. Thanks. Susan

I'm furious...I had this in my cart and I never got a message that if I didn't buy it immediately it would sell out. I'll never order from this site again.

Is the cooking insert made of ceramic?

how big is this item? i have a 5 cup rice/slower cooker and that is already pretty big.... if this is for 18 cups, is it enormous?