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Fagor's Slow Cooker Express is perfect for the individual chef or a small family. It combines both a slow cooker and pressure cooker in one unit. This cooker offers both High and Low settings when using either the "Pressure Cooker" or "Slow Cooker" functions. This unit also includes a "Brown" and "Warm" function for a true one-pot-cooking experience. 


  • Slow cooking time programmable for up to 9.5 hours.
  • Programmable delay-timer for up to 6 hours.
  • Pressure cooking time programmable up to 99 minutes.
  • Both Pressure and Slow Cooking functions are equipped with High and Low settings.
  • Self-locking lid with automatic pressure release setting.
  • "Brown" and "Warm" functions for added convenience.
  • Two independent pressure control valves and anti-overheating protection for added security.
  • Brushed stainless steel pot has an LED screen with soft touch control buttons.
  • Will not open if there is pressure in the cooker.
  • Dishwasher safe, nonstick, removable 4qt. cooking pot.
  • The removable 4 qt. nonstick pot is PFOA Free.
  • Comes with manual and a collection of delicious recipes.
  • Uses regular household 110-120V.
  • ETL Approved in USA and Canada.
Find more about the Slow Cooker Express and other Fagor products in the Fagor America website.

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Dear Marci, We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please contact our Customer Service Representatives at 1-800-207-0806 and they will be able to provide you with a manual for your Slow Cooker Express. Thank you and have a great day.

I just received this, but it did not come with *any* instructions... I can't even figure out how to take the lid off. :(

Wow! This is so great. I'm putting a ton of slow cooker recipes in my next cookbook, such as a delicious and easy Arroz a la Tumbada with white fish, mussels, and shrimp!

Can this be used as a rice cooker, as well? Or is that a completely separate function?