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The Fagor Splendid Pressure Cooker is constructed from high quality 18/10 stainless steel with an aluminum encapsulated bottom that guarantees even heat distribution on any cooktop, including induction. Spring-activated pressure mechanism features one pressure setting: High. The triple-safety mechanism on this Fagor Splendid pressure cooker prevents pressure build up. Independent pressure indicator valves make it easy to monitor cooking progress. Just load ingredients, lock lid in place and begin cooking delicious meals while retaining important water-soluble vitamins and minerals. Cooks without oil and maintains the natural color and flavor of foods. Release pressure and enjoy healthy, flavorful meals. Fagor Splendid pressure cooker creates meals 70% fast than traditional cooking methods. Vegetables are ready in two minutes, risotto in less than 7 minutes, soup, stew, chicken or beef in as few as 10 minutes. Fagor Splendid pressure cooker makes it that easy!


  • Cook food 70% faster than traditional cooking methods.
  • Safety-lock on handle and two independent over-pressure valves control pressure and prevent premature opening.
  • One pressure setting: High (15 psi) for canning or cooking meat.
  • Pressure indicator with valve to gauge pressure, and determine when to increase or decrease burner heat.
  • 18/10 stainless-steel with aluminum-encapsulated base for even heat distribution, cooking consistency and energy efficiency.
  • Helper handle for easy transport.
  • Works on all domestic cooking surfaces: gas, electric, ceramic and induction.
  • Ten-year limited warranty.


  • "More Than 50 Recipes" recipe Booklet.
  • User's Manual which features cooking times, cooking conversion guides for traditional recipes, and high-altitude tips.


Fast: The Splendid Pressure Cooker reduces cooking time up to 70%. Favorite recipes easily adapt and cook in one third of the time

Easy: Extremely easy to operate. Just load ingredients, lock lid in place and begin cooking. Release pressure and enjoy healthy, flavorful meals. It is that easy! 

Healthy: Create delicious meals while retaining important water-soluble vitamins and minerals. Steam vegetables in a flash or cook beans and grains super fast with little or no pre-soaking involved. Cooks without oil. Maintain the natural color and flavor of foods.

Safe: The Fagor Pressure cooker is equipped with three independent pressure release mechanisms. If the unit is left unattended the main valve will begin to release excess pressure, next the safety valve will assist in releasing pressure and finally the gasket will protrude from the notch located on the side of the lid. Moreover, pressure will never build up if the safety lock has not been moved to the closed position. Once the pressure indicator has popped up, it will automatically block this safety lock, not allowing you to move it to the “open” position until all the pressure has been released.


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Hi, I've been pressure cooking with my Splendid for a few years and I even introduced my roommate to pressure cooking ... that may have been a mistake. He burnt (carbonized) a ham in my Splendid and while the pot and lid came out unscathed, the same cannot be said of the handle and regulator. I looked for replacement parts on the Fagor website but the handle is out of stock. Would it be possible to give me a head's up when the parts become available ? I would really love to be able to use my stainless steel cooker again ... using my granny's old aluminum pressure cooker in the meantime. Btw, love the product.

Watch Chef Hugh Acheson as he uses the Fagor Splendid Pressure Cooker to make chicken stock.

Very useful item!!