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Velvety coffee covered with a delicious, thick crema. If your body has just let out an “UUMmm” then Turkish coffee may be your thing. Turkish coffee is an intriguing method of making coffee that goes back to the 16th century, predating almost every other currently-used method of brewing a cup of java. It results in a brew that's velvety, complex, and bursting with flavor unlike any coffee you've ever tasted. One sip and you may never go back to watery/acrid/bland coffee imposters again. I tried it for the first time with Burc Mariflu, of Savaya Coffee, Tucson Arizona. I was hesitant at first. Anything handed to me in a small cup takes me back to some “espresso tasting” experiments gone wrong. But one sip of Burc’s brew and my reality was forever altered. I never knew coffee possessed such rich, interesting flavor. Since Turkish coffee is a brewing method, there are no special types of beans. It can be made with any kind of beans that are ground or pounded to the finest possible powder; finer than for any other way of preparation. Turkish coffee is known as one of the healthiest ways to consume coffee. The high antioxidant grounds are boiled, re-boiled and remain in the cup settling to the bottom.


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Timed brewing and steeping settings Removable sweetener chamber Plastic Pitcher 2.75 quart Brew Strength Selector, Auto-Shut Off, On Indicator Light 750 Watts, 1 Year Warranty


Anyway, for a small grinder, this thing is great. I use it not only for coffee, but for flax seeds and just about anything else I need to grind up in small quantities. Great Machine!