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The GEFU herb scissors are designed for a gentle and quick way of cutting herbs.   The 5 pairs of cutting blades, cleanly slice the herbs without bruising, thus preserving the delicate aroma of fresh herbs. The cutting blades are made of stainless steel, and the soft-touch handle is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort.  Included with the GEFU Herb Scissors is a cleaning comb to make cleaning a snap.  This item is dishwasher safe.


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This would cut my time in over a half! (no pun intended!)

Such a great idea....and a great price as well!

these are great!!! I have them. they do the job in no time at all!!! I can hold a bunch of scallions and cut them up in even sized pieces in no time at all. Same things goes for celery. a truly great kitchen helper!!

Wow! This seems like such an efficient way to get those school-night dinners on the table that much quicker!