Easy Clean Square Water Bottle & Smoothie Mixer by Clean Bottle

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The Square Bundle comes with (1) Square and (1) Steel Whisk for mixing your favorite workout drink.

The Square is the product of a three-year collaboration between a team of former Apple engineers. The Square is incredibly easy to clean, thanks to its patent-pending Double Lid™ system.

The Quick Click™ top and bottom open with a simple quarter turn and lock into place for a leak-proof seal every time. And the Square’s Fresh Taste™ lip ensures that water tastes perfect.

These features seamlessly integrate into a stunning square profile whose very shape offers advantages over the common bottle - the Square won’t roll away if dropped, and its compact design fits snugly into cup holders.

Key Features:

• Unscrews from both ends for easy cleaning
• Bottom unscrews for easy cleaning
• Wide, ergonomic handle
• Square shape prevents it from rolling away if dropped
• Made with 304 food grade stainless steel, but unique Fresh Taste Lip™ prevents water from tasting metallic
• Simple, quarter turn opening with locking top and bottom to prevent accidental leaks
• 20oz. water bottle 
• 10% of profits donated to eco-friendly charities you vote for at Clean Bottle Charity

How does it work?
Simply fill The Square with your favorite beverage, add your work out mix or protein, drop in the steel whisk ball, shake vigorously, and go. Antother option is to fill with water, secure the Quick Click™ top and bottom and enjoy. Please note, The Square is not insulated and features a single wall. 



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When you're constantly on the go you need a water bottle that is gonna make your life easy. Easy to drink, easy to clean. And most important, one that is healthy for you. This one is made of BPA-free plastic and quality stainless steel that is the highest food grade stainless steel available.

My favorite part is that this bottle unscrews from both ends for super easy, thorough cleaning.


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we are obsessed with this bottle. it is so light and easy to carry. so easy to clean! so great cause it doesn't roll around. my husband likes it cause of all these reasons and it is manly looking.