Virginia Petite Hickory Smoked Ham - Boneless (2 lb)

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During Colonial times, families were bigger by necessity, with plenty of kids who all had work-it-off-in-the-field appetites. Today's American households are different, with fewer people and smaller appetites. That's why Edward's of Surry, Virginia came up with this little gem of a boneless Virginia Country Ham (average weight 2-3 lbs.). It may be a small country ham in size, but it's all meat and big on hickory-smoked, country ham flavor -- a convenient variation on their larger, cooked Virginia Country Hams. 

This compact smoked country ham has the same bold flavor and rich mahogany Virginia ham color that have made Edwards hams legendary. And take it from the pro's at Edward's of Surry, the size of this easy-to-store country ham is a bit misleading. When you slice it paper-thin, you do more than enhance it's unique Virginia ham flavor. You also end up with a feast-size quantity of delicious country cured ham slices! 

Fully cooked country ham, ready to heat gently and serve. Comes in traditional cloth bag for impressive gift-giving. 


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The pro's at Edward's of Surry have created this super tasty fully cooked country ham, ready to heat gently and serve. It makes quite the yummy dinner!