Cotton Infinity Strap & DVD Combo

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1 Infinity Strap Original Cotton + 1 Instructional DVD

The Infinity Strap is designed to solve the problems of the traditional Yoga strap by providing an elegant, simple, beautiful and safe alternative. The design of the Infinity Strap is a dual loop with a subtle twist at the center, forming a shape of an endless figure 8, which is illustrated by the timeless symbol of infinity. 

• Unique infinity shape keeps loops open for easy use

• No hardware to hurt your hands or feet

• No buckles to fuss with or constantly readjust!!

• Compact design means no extra strap in your way

• Deepen  poses and maintain proper alignment

• 3 sizes to fit all levels and types of practice

  • Materials: Cotton
  • Care instructions: machine wash, line dry
  • Country of origin: USA


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HI never mind my question, I watched the video and have the answer on sizing. will order now. Cheers