Jewelry for a Cause "The Blue Wave" Necklace

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"The Blue Wave" Necklace

20% of the proceeds from your purchase is donated to the Red Cross Japanese Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami disaster relief efforts.
  • Materials: Silver plated brass with enamel charm
  • Meaurements: 9" Long; pendant 1"
  • Closure: Lobster clasp


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Happy summer, OpenSky peeps! I hope you have a chance to leap into cool blue water during these hot months. I don’t care if it’s the Pacific Ocean or a backyard pool, as long as you get to chill out!

I’m psyched to add a special water-inspired piece to my collection: the lovely Blue Wave necklace by Jewelry for a Cause. The circular pendant features an awesome rolling wave in bright, brilliant blue. So even if you’re pounding the hot city pavement, all you have to do is glance down to tap into a super-free feeling. Also it includes a tag with the quote, "Life is like a Wave. You can’t change the way it breaks, but you can change the way you ride it.". Words to live by.

Plus, you’ll be reminded that your rockin’ summery necklace helped a worthy cause: 20% of the proceeds goes to the Red Cross Japanese Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami relief efforts.

You can look good and do good. Surf’s up!


Cool necklace....great cause!

Is it sterling silver?

This is such a great gift because the tag on this necklace says...
"Life is like a Wave.
You can’t change the way it breaks,
but you can change the way your ride it."
- Urban Surfer 2006.