DrawerDecor - Deluxe Starter Kit (Singles or Sets of 2)

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End drawer clutter in minutes with this colorful non-slip Basemat™ and repositionable organizer. Unlike generic utensil organizers that require you to choose a single size, DrawerDecor uses a non-slip silicone Basemat and repositionable pieces called Divitz™. They're completely adjustable! In fact, this 21 or 42-piece system with Basemat can quickly be trimmed to fit any size drawer. The DrawerDecor Deluxe Starter Kit includes 20 to 40 Divitz in three sizes that naturally adhere to the Basemat, securing items and preventing sliding.

Easy to clean and food-grade safe! Great for kitchen utensil drawers, desks, tools and much more. Additional pieces and a variety of colors are available to match any decor.

Set of 1 includes 21 pieces total: 

  • (1) Basemat
  • (5) Triangle Divitz
  • (10) Short Divitz
  • (5) Long Divitz

Set of 2 includes 42 pieces total:

  • (2) Basemats
  • (10) Triangle Divitz
  • (20) Short Divitz
  • (10) Long Divitz

Basemat Dimensions: 14"x 20"        Weight: 1.49 (2.98) lbs


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all about drawerdecor from KMN Home on Vimeo.


Drawer Decor is a mat you insert into your drawer to keep things from sliding around and the included repositionable “divitz” that come with the kit hold cooking utensils firmly in place.  The divitz stick to the mat and can be reconfigured in so many different ways.  It’s brilliant.  I totally wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I do!  One set includes 1 silicone mat (20″x14″), 5 long divitz, 5 short divitz and 5 triangle divitz and come in multiple colors.  I use mine to organize my knives and keep them lined up in a pretty little row and they really do stay put.  You can open and close the drawer over and over and those knives don’t go anywhere.  To see mine in action please visit my post here. 


I'm just about to order a few things from your site and excited to use them!! Is there a way to purchase just the mats if desired?

I have these and I love them. Well worth the investment!

How awesome of an idea "is this"!?! I've not purchased this item yet, but you can bet I will as soon as I can! Why hadn't someone come up with this sooner !!!!

I bought a set of 2 in red and I absolutely LOVE them!! I have one large utensil drawer where everything crashes around every time I open it. I fit both of the Drawer Decor sets side-by-side in that drawer. I can't believe how I was able to fit everything into the drawer in a completely organized way and nothing moves! This is awesome!! Would fill every drawer with them if I could afford it.