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Buying freshly brewed coffee every morning can get expensive, or maybe you're a tea enthusiast with a strong love of tea leaves. Yet, alas, You just don't have time or you're too lazy. Try out this great cafepress made for people like yourself!

All you have to do is fill the cup with water and ground coffee or tea leaves, press the plunger down, and it's ready to drink!

  • Mug is ABS Resin Plastic, BPA-free
  • Plunger is ABS Plastic, Stainless Steel Mesh, and Silicone
  • Lid and Plunger are Dishwasher Safe
  • Handwash Mug

4.88"W x 3.54"D x 4.80"H

8.79 fl oz


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There’s nothing like the small things to simplify your morning routine. Most of you may grab coffee on your morning commute, but this great invention is for those who want to brew their own cup of Joe and lack the time.

It’s very easy; you add hot water and then your coffee grounds or tea leaves and press. Within minutes, you have a perfectly good cup of coffee that’s already in a travel mug. No need to pour into a thermos and wash something extra. Just think how much money, time and paper cups you’ll be saving - having something like this is a no-brainer.


These are a great idea however you cannot sip this with the lid on, it has to be completely off making travel and my particular work difficult. The cup size is not ideal for me either.

Coffee lover!!!Better than the creation of slice bread

These are now back in stock!

Will these be coming back into stock?

Austiaj Parineh 1 year ago