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The Hi-soft cutting board has a top grade synthetic surface that closely resembles wood in color, texture and softness. The soft polyvinyl acetate material reduces impact on knives for a longer lasting edge retention, while still providing a non-slip surface.

15.75" L x 11.5" W x 0.78 H

Made in Japan

Use and Care
Exposure to extreme heat, boiling water and sterilizers may cause warping or softening.

Use bleach (approx. 20 minutes) to remove stubborn stains. Make sure to wash thoroughly afterward.

Recommend flipping the board from time to time to allow for even wear.


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I’ll admit that I love the look of wooden cutting boards. Unfortunately, wood isn’t actually the best material for the job. Wood’s rigid surface dulls knives, and it readily absorbs odors, too.   

These vinyl hi-soft cutting boards are a great alternative, and have long been in favor with professional sushi chefs.  They provide a big, non-slip cutting service that won’t dull your knives, and they’re easy to clean and sterilize: perfect for Thanksgiving cooking, when you may be using the same board to prepare raw poultry and chop vegetables.  

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