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Ishiyaki Grilling Stones are a fun and unique way to cook your food.

Simply heat the stone on your stove top for 30-40 minutes, place it on a heat proof plate, and then cook directly on the stone. Once the stone is heated it remains hot for 10-15 minutes.  Stones work on both Gas and Electric stoves.

The stones are man-made of the minerals Petalite (50-60%) and Cordierite (40-50%) which can endure direct flame.

Please note when washing the stone it must first be fully cooled, no detergent should be used, and the stone should not be soaked.

7.08 Grilling Stone weighs 2.4 lbs
9.44 Grilling Stone weighs 5.7 lbs


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People love cooking their own food at the table. If you’ve ever been out for Korean barbecue or meat fondue, you already know this. It’s probably not how you want to be preparing your food every night of the week, but as a nice change of pace and a way to make dinner a little more interactive? You can’t beat it.

I recently discovered a cool new way to bring a heat source to the table without having to worry about the charcoal smoke of a tabletop grill or mess with scalding hot oil for meat fondue. They’re called ishiyaki stones, and here’s how they work: you heat them directly on your stovetop (don’t worry, the stones are flame-resistant) for 30 to 40 minutes, then transfer them to a heatproof plate on your dinner table. They provide a sizzling hot surface to cook food – thinly sliced meat, onions, or vegetables are your best bet – for up to fifteen minutes. If you like to linger over your dinner, the ideal set-up is to have two ishiyaki stones, so you’ve got one heating and one in use at all times.

Clean up is easy: just wait for the stones to cool, hand wash them with water and an abrasive brush, then leave them to dry. As with cast iron pans, don’t use dish soap, and don’t soak them in water.

These clever cooking stones come in a range of sizes from just over 5 inches in diameter to just under 10 inches, so there’s a perfect option available for every household.

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what keeps the meats juices from running down the side and on to the gas or electric eyes of the stove?

Tammy Rebellady 1 year ago