La Soula Little Wish Pavé Diamond Necklace

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  • Materials: Wax cotton cord, slider solid sterling silver, gold nuggets are sterling silver with gold plating
  • Measurements: cord length 23'', diameter 11 1/2''; 5mm ball
  • Features: all necklaces can be worn as wrap bracelets; we recommend not to wear in water; all cords will soften with natural wear and with natural skin oils,comes in suede pouch.
  • Orgin: assembled in USA, beads made in India, cord made in Japan


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We've all got our wish lists, right? I would tell you mine except…I'd have to take you out afterwards. Kidding! But I'm not kidding about this sweet little necklace by La Soula. It's a wish necklace! I just love the tight cluster of bling—like this is your own little star to wish upon.

Plus, it's a really simple and elegant style that's great for everyday wear, meaning you can keep your wish close to you and never have to take it off.


there is nothing more chic than a diamond. I love this mix of diamonds and leather.

beautiful peaces and kelly as well. she always looks wonderful.

Kelly, you need to start taking better care of your skin, it looks horrible!

Uuum....Sure hope those crystals are actually diamonds at that price!