Exclusive Italian Ceramic Casserole Dishes

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These ceramic casseroles, made of natural clay is 50% lighter than cast iron, retain heat for long periods. This new technology makes this glazed casserole strong, scratch resistant, and flame proof, handcrafted in Italy, this casserole can be used directly on a stove top or oven up to 500 degrees. 

Comes in 2.8 Quart, 2.75 Quart, 1.75 Quart or a set of all three. Red or Black.


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I went crazy for these when I saw them. They're such a beautiful take on your usual casserole pan—you don't often see a pan as pretty as this. Because they're made from high-grade ceramic, you can take these from the freezer to the oven immediately. I love the convenience of having it go from the freezer right into the oven or the stove even—and then from that to the table! And because it presents so well—I love the scalloped edges—you don't have to worry about switching to a serving dish.

I'm partial to red, so I went mad for that one, but I also included a black version as well. You'll really like this. It's like a modern version of your Dutch oven, but much lighter. You get the advantage of all the intense heat that comes with something stainless steel or cast-iron, but with a pretty ceramic design.


Looks like a nice dish but you fake credit is driving me crazy. Either give a credit or stop going back on your offer

If these are all round, what are the diameters, please?

I will love it as soon as get it replaced somehow because has chip in front.

I Love cookware like this, I can use it on my stovetop or in my oven and then put it straight on the table or buffet for a beautiful serving piece