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Love your lips.

Your lips get a lot of use. Maybe you use yours to kiss your little angels good night or maybe you grudgingly use them to kiss your boss’ butt – we don’t judge. However you tend keep your lips busy, you’ll want to protect and indulge them with our silky natural handmade lip balms loaded with skin loving shea butter and beeswax scented only with pure yummy essential oil blends. Our lip balms are 100% natural and safe for all ages (and boss bums too!).  

Choose from:
Pink Grapefruit
Summer Rose
Vanilla Chai
Coconut Lime
Rosemary Mint
Coffee Bean
Vanilla Orange
Lemon Verbena
Cherry Almond

Moody Sister Tip: Make sure to have a natural Moody Sister Lip Balm for each person in your family. Every kid and adult in your family will want these silky handmade balms and you won't want to share. 

What's The Buzz: "I have a hard time saying which lip balm is my favorite- they are all SO good. Right now I have a Chocolate Mint in my purse (seemed to work for the winter holidays) but the cranberry orange is at my desk at work. I can't get enough. I have noticed other lip balms can make my lips peel after a while. I have yet to have this issue with Moody Sisters. The scents are amazing- you ALMOST want to eat it." -Bonnye S.

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