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Unique leather pan handle potholder slides onto your long-handled pan. Won't slip sideways & lasts for years! This is beautiful, naturally textured leather.

Dimensions: 6'' x 2.25" inside measurements.   Will work on 1.35" round handle, i.e. wok as pictured.

Care & Use
  • Use any leather protectant to treat the leather pan handles.  The  more natural, the better.  Beware of some that will darken the leather, tho.    
  • Cleaning: simply run under plain water & clean with mildly with sponge or paper towel. Blot dry.   Note: If you're quick about it, the leather won't get wet all the way through. If it does, you can reshape & let air dry.  


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A pot holder or dry dish towel is a must in any kitchen. You never know when the need will arise to handle a piping hot dish, plate or pan. The problem I find, especially with pan handles, is that I can still get the occasional burn because of gaps with the wrapping/folding or fabrics that have worn thin.  That's why this leather pan handle cover is so amazing.

It looks great - almost dresses up your regular pan. Just slide it over the pan's handle before you start cooking and the sheath protects you. It's practical because it doesn't move around like a towel would. It stays nicely in place and over time begins to soften and conform to your hand. The leather even outlasts most fabrics. And lastly, these covers are handmade by a Maine-based artisan who sources her leathers from tannery overruns. I love whenever I can support local craftspeople, the environment and smart cooking all at the same time.


I have two of your "pan-handlers" It's the best thing for cast iron pans, which is all I have! "Love them!!! Thanks Patricia!

Karen, I sent a link to your Facebook page for my page. Thanks! Patricia McDonald, PatzBag

Who is the Maine-based artisan? I would be interested in seeing more of her work.