Shave Love Weekender Kit for "Care Down There" by Project Fig

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Love the Rituals and Love the Results

Forget about:

  • Razor Burn
  • Irritation
  • Ingrown hairs
  • Itchy regrowth
  • Harsh chemicals


The complete skincare system in travel sizes. Includes:

Shave Gel 2 fl oz
Get closer with the best shave gel for the most important shave
Soothing Serum .5 fl oz
Immediately calms skin and prevents irritation
Hair Inhibitor .5 fl oz
The essential step for ingrown-free skin where it matters most
Exfoliant 2 fl oz
Finer, sparser-looking regrowth and longer-lasting smoothness


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However (or if!) you choose to remove your body hair is a personal choice…but we’ve all been there with the red bumps and razor burn and ingrown hairs and all of the other yucky stuff. It turns out there’s a skincare line dedicated to preventing all of that and giving you soft, pain-free skin. 

Project Fig makes this 4-step kit—Groom, a gel that softens the hair and prepares your skin; Prevent, an exfoliator that helps to prevent ingrown hairs; Soothe, a nice serum that minimizes bumps and redness; and Tame, a hair “inhibitor” that buys you a little extra time in between shaves or waxes.

The ingredients are all-natural and make your skin feel really great! 

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A really nice product that shipped quickly and included a very nice bonus gift and a personal note! First Rate!