OpenSky Exclusive: Alicia's Favorite Cookies & Crispy Bars by Pure Sweets

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Ships 2-Day Air priority to ensure the freshest cookies possible.

What you get:
(1) The Kid Crispy Bar, (1) The Dingo Cookie,  (1) The Drog Cookie, (2) The Panther Cookies, (1) The Moose Crispy Bar in a gift box.

Certified Kosher

The Kid

Organic brown rice crisp bar topped with organic peanut butter, organic blackberry preserves from Italy and organic single-origin dark chocolate.

Bonus: a lunch box favorite
and as a snack on the go.

The Frog

An organic pistachio espresso cookie
striped by hand with
organic single-origin
dark chocolate.

Bonus: rich in monunsaturated
fatty acids. 

The Dingo

Organic almond butter cookie
dipped around the edges in
organic single-origin
dark chocolate.

Bonus: oil free, high in potassium
and zinc.

The Panther

Organic single-origin dark chocolate
sables. A healthful take on the French classic.

Bonus: rich in antioxidants.

The Moose Organic brown rice crisp bar topped with organic roasted hazelnut butter and organic single-origin dark chocolate.Bonus: a satisfying high protein bar
after a workout or anytime of day.


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I just discovered a new bakery called Pure Sweets. It's run by Andrea Kyan, who is pretty sweet herself. She creates these amazing treats that are organic, vegan, gluten-free, and most importantly, YUM.

When I got a box from her I ate like a crazy person for three days! The dark chocolate sables and almond cookies are amazing. I also really like the pistachio cookies, which are tasty and so pretty. The crispies were my husband's favorites. He really liked the Moose Crisp Bar with hazelnut…I liked the The Kid, which has peanut butter and jelly. 

They're all packaged really nicely too so would make a nice gift for Easter or Passover (the cookies are flourless!) or even a Spring birthday.

Visit my site, for more eco-fashion, delicious healthy food, and all things lovely, natural and kind! 



I didn't see any soy in the ingredient list. Are they soy free as well?

I'm confused, is this $35 for 6 cookies?

yummy! makes me hungry every time I see this....soooo good! mothers day gift!