Satechi BT Wireless Smart Keypad

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The sleek Satechi Bluetooth Wireless Smart Keypad is the perfect accessory for your workspace. Usable in Calculator Mode or Keypad Mode, the Keypad features a brushed-aluminum finish that pairs perfectly with Apple products. Use the Keypad wirelessly with your computer to add a number-pad to your existing keyboard – you can even use the calculator function then send the equation to any text field on your computer! Typing numbers and equations has never been easier, thanks to the Bluetooth Wireless Smart Keypad.

Calculator Mode

Use the Smart Keypad as a normal calculator, with Memory and Backspace functions. 

Keypad Mode

Use the Smart Keypad as a numberpad to type numbers and equations quickly.


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Use the Bluetooth Smart Keypad for quickly entering large quantities of data #bluetooth #office #tech #techgadgets

The Satechi Bluetooth Smart Keypad is a great addition to use with an iMac or Macbook!