Satechi HD Digital Indoor Flat Amplified TV Antenna (Powered By USB) w/ wall mount

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The Satechi HD Digital Indoor Flat Amplified TV Antenna (Powered by USB) is designed for the reception of HD/SD digital terrestrial TV broadcasting. HD (high definition) TV broadcasting is now broadcasted on air in digital format. HD signals require more stable signal reception and better antenna matching design than non-HD signals. Not only is the Satechi HD Digital Indoor Flat Amplified TV Antenna equipped with hardware for stable reception and improved antenna matching, it also has a built-in low noise amplifier (LNA) to provide the best digital reception. The stylish housing design will make the antenna fit with your HDTV and digital home cinema perfectly.


Powered by USB, this TV antenna is easy to install and use. Simply connect the coaxial cable into the antenna input of your digital TV, connect the USB plug to the USB port of your TV or a USB wall adapter (not included) for power, and scan for channels. TV channel reception may vary, as HD antenna reception depends on your home’s distance from a broadcast tower, the surrounding terrain, weather conditions, and other barriers such as walls, trees, etc.

Avoid additional monthly fees

Use this TV antenna to receive HDTV channels without paying for cable or satellite TV. The antenna has a multi-directional range, however network availability varies by area. Visit the FCC’s DTV Reception Map to find out which TV stations are available in your area.

Stylish reception

The ultra-thin design of this TV antenna mounts flush against the wall, perfect next to a flat-screen TV. An included 6.5-foot long coaxial cable allows you to position it where reception is best. The stylish and functional design fits into any home entertainment center. 


VHF/UHF reception – Receive free broadcast HDTV signals

Frequency range: VHF: 47~230 MHZ, UHF: 470~870 MHz

Amp. Gain: VHF: 20 +/- 3dB / UHF: 17 +/- 3dB

Low noise amplifier technology (NF <2dB)

Easy to install - Includes wall mounting kit

Powered via USB



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Is this item for one TV only? So if I have two TV's I would need two antennas?

Could this be used with a TV in a basement?