Satechi HD Digital Indoor Flat Amplified TV Antenna

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The Satechi HD Digital Indoor Flat Amplified TV Antenna (powered by USB) ST-A1500 is a Plug & Play flat panel digital TV antenna with amplifier designed for the reception of HD/SD digital terrestrial TV broadcasting. HD (High Definition) TV broadcasting is now broadcasted on air in digital format. HD signals require more stable signal reception and better antenna matching design than non-HD signals. Not only is the ST-A1500 equipped with hardware for stable reception and improved antenna matching, it also has a built-in low noise amplifier (LNA) to provide the best digital reception. The stylish housing design will make the antenna fit with your HDTV and digital home cinema perfectly. (TV not included)


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I believe that no question is a stupid question. I resent the comment made by your site to the customers that are inquiring about the products. As you quoted below: "it shows how stupid people can really be" Did you think of that person's age or inability to understand?

Is this item for one TV only? So if I have two TV's I would need two antennas?

This item not only gives those that don't have cable or satellite a chance to pull in "over the air" channels, it also shows how stupid people can truly be. Read below...

Could this be used with a TV in a basement?