Soy Pearls

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Includes 1.75-ounce jar of Soy Pearls.
  • Each jar contains 250
  • Unique process encapsulates soy sauce into a thin alginate shell which burst in your mouth
  • Store at room temperature
  • Will keep for one week in refrigerator after opening
  • Heat resistant, can be cooked up to 210˚F


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Soy pearls—so very unique and so very interesting. That’s pretty much what I said when I first came across these.

This is Molecular Gastronomy at its best. Think of it as soy sauce in the shape of caviar. Sid Wainer worked their science to turn soy sauce from liquid into gelatinous-looking pearls that  work as a burst of flavor with each bite.  

Instead of dipping your sushi, dumplings or lettuce wraps in soy, top them with a few soy pearls. Or garnish a dish with soy pearls for some interesting texture. Any way you do it, it'll be unique and interesting. 


go to and buy their molecular gastronomy kit and make your own out of almost anything. Think of the creative fun you could have with your kids and/or your friends.

I've tried these too - crazy, crazy good. Such an interesting thing to add to any dish that calls for soy on the plate. Def the type of thing you have on hand for the next party your hosting.

I like this Ming!!!