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"I've used every coconut oil on the market it seems like and Skinny Coconut Oil is the purest I have found. It's changed my life and those I cook for." - Ann Ewing, Certified Raw Food Chef


Skinny Coconut Oil is the only 100% RAW coconut oil on the market. 

Harvested responsibly from deep within the jungles of Vietnam, Skinny Coconut Oil comes to you 100% pure, all-natural, pesticide free with an incredibly smooth texture, light fragrance, and snow white color. Skinny Coconut Oil is crafted with our unique patent-pending cold pressed Nutralock System™ that naturally locks-in all the vitamins and minerals produced by this super fruit. With our strict regulations and processing you can rest assured your oil is 100% pure mature coconuts, never heated above room temperature, staying as nature intended. 


Skinny Coconut Oil has an array of uses from cooking, to a delicious coffee additive. 

It is also a non-greasy moisturizer with its lauric acid it has been shown to reduce wrinkles, treat blemishes, acne, and rashes. 

Giving your body and skin the health and relief it deserves. 

How We Recommend Using Skinny Coconut Oil:

  • *Every morning oil pull (has been shown to whiten teeth, strengthen gums, detox body, boost metabolism, and reduce plaque)
  • *Take a teaspoon once a day as it has been shown to boost the metabolism and boost your energy
  • *Add to coffee, tea, shakes, etc as it has been shown to aid digestion (acts as a pre-biotic)
  • *Put on skin as it has been shown to reduce wrinkles and moisturize skin
  • *Use as a leave in hair conditioner

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.

  • 100% Pure & Pesticide Free: Skinny Coconut Oil is all natural ensuring it is the best product for your body inside and out.
  • Raw Food Approved: Our coconut oil is never heated above room temperature when it is carefully crafted, so you can rest assured it is raw and paleo diet approved.
  • Dentist Approved!: "I have seen a significant difference in the oral health of patients who practice coconut oil pulling" - Dr. Ted Reese, DDS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Skinny Coconut Oil is the only dentist approved coconut oil due to its purity. Oil pulling once a day has been shown to help whiten teeth, removes plaque and bacteria eliminating bad breath, and strengthen your gums. Your dentist will thank you! --------------*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.


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LOVE this coconut oil! It does taste better! I now use my "other" coconut oil for my feet! LOL

Skinny is WILD Harvested from the jungles of Ben Tre, Viet Nam, a province internationally recognized for the quality of their coconuts!
Give us a try and embrace your "wild" side!


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