Tirante Shoe Sliders for Carpet and Rubber

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Looking for a great, unique stocking stuffers? 

Get ready to exercise in the New Year!

Wouldn't you like to be able to twist, turn, glide and even dance in shoes you already own?

Patent-Pending Tirante Sliders for Carpet and Rubber fit around the ball of your foot to give you a pivot point and stay in place with an elastic heel strap.

  • Specially designed to work with different kinds of shoes: dance sneakers, mens shoes, flex sole shoes, low profile running shoes, walking/running shoes
  • Makes it easier to twist and turn - reduces knee strain caused by shoes that catch on the floor
  • Fits men's and women's shoes

Buying these saves you space and money!

  • Space saver - Fits in your pocket or purse
  • Money Saver - Use shoes you already own. Dance shoes are expensive, especially if you only use them for one class!

What makes them different from Slip-On Dancers' Carpet Dancers or Carpet Gliders?

Carpet Dancers and Carpet Gliders are designed to ONLY work with shoes with lots of tread because they require to tread to keep them in place.  Carpet Dancers also only come in ONE size. If your shoes were small or very wide, they could fall off or squeeze your feet uncomfortably.

Tirante Sliders for Carpet and Rubber work with those cross trainer shoes as well.  AND, because of the heel strap and because they come in S,M and XL, they also work with dance sneakers, flex shoes, wider shoes, Pumas, and many more. 

Product benefit: Sizing... which size is right for my feet and my shoes? The bands all have elastic on the bottom so they are flexible. Use these tips to get the perfect size for you.

Small: Narrow shoes like Pumas or dance sneakers up to a women's size 10, also women in running shoes with very small or narrow feet 5-7

Medium/Regular: Traditional style running shoes size 7.5-9.5.  Women's narrower shoes size 10 and up.  This size is our traditional size and will work with most shoes and sizes if you are unsure. 

XLarge: Men's shoes, Women with wide feet or running shoes above a women's size 9.5

  • Activities: What kind of activities will this work with? Dance exercise videos or video games Dance style classes at the gym or community center where there is rubber or carpet flooring Beginner social dance Dance conferences held on carpet Hip-hop classes and conferences held on rubber or carpeted floor.
  • What kind of floors are they for?: Carpeted or rubberized surfaces that really grip shoes. These will feel too slippery on hard surfaces except on very large shoes.
  • Caution: These are designed to help you twist and turn on carpeted and rubberized surfaces. Please use caution whenever these are worn on hard surfaces to prevent falls!
  • How did they come to be?: The invention: At our gym, we regularly heard complaints about knee pain from Zumba and hip-hop participants. It was their shoes causing the problem, not the activity itself. An award winning inventor and entrepreneur came up with band idea to give participants adjustable traction. Depending on where you put the band will determine how easily you can twist! Best of all, at the end of the class you can take the bands off without causing damage to your shoes!


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