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This Soapstone Griddle/Grill Combo, with its patent-pending groove design, will transform your cooktop into an indoor grill and will ensure you cook like a pro on your outdoor BBQ for all your essential eats, resulting in better health for the whole family!

Handcrafted entirely from one solid block of soapstone, this durable grill + griddle combination is rated for use up to 1200 degrees, over twice that of cast iron and other metal cookware.

Indoors on your gas or electric cooktop, I recommend using the flat griddle side to grill everything from eggs and pancakes to meat, fish and veggies! Use it in the oven as a pizza stone or cookie sheet. With its uniform heat distribution, you can count on the entire surface to cook evenly using relatively low heat.

Outdoors flip it over and set the soapstone grill side up right on your grilling rack! Cook like a pro~use high heat to lock in flavors while significantly reducing the risk of producing cancer causing carcinogens.

  • 11.5" wide x 15" long rectangular griddle + grill combo
  • 13.5 pounds
  • Recycled soapstone from factory excess
  • Versatile, durable, energy efficient
  • May be used in the oven, on gas or electric cooktops or on the grill
  • Fast cook at extremely high temperatures or slow cook on low heat
  • Perfect for low-fat, healthy cooking
  • FDA approved GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe)
  • To clean scrape off any excess food with a wooden spatula; using a sponge or scouring pad wash with warm soapy water using eco-friendly soap

If you're worried about storage, don't! Keep the soapstone flat griddle side up on your counter and use as a cutting board. In fact, once you start using your griddle, lots of your cookware will become obsolete and you'll no longer need it taking up valuable storage space.

We don't like to say our griddle is non-stick because it definitely hasn't been treated or coated with ANY of the harmful and known cancer-causing chemicals that are the hallmark of non-stick cookware. In fact, our Soapstone Griddle hasn't been treated at all...just cut and shipped to you!

What we will tell you, though, is that because of the super smooth surface, food does NOT have a tendency to stick. Additionally, as it becomes seasoned from continuous use, any tendency for food to stick dissipates over time.

Our Soapstone Griddle is handmade by SPARQ in Colorado by the guys who know soapstone and understand its amazing qualities. PLUS our griddles fit nicely into the eco-friendly category because they are handmade with soapstone from factory excess.

After our Soapstone Griddle is initially heated, it retains its temperature and distributes heat more efficiently so less heat is needed for cooking! Cool, huh?

A little background about soapstone...this naturally occurring stone is made up of mineral deposits that include talc, chlorite, dolomite and magnesite as its main components. This combination of minerals produce light flowing veins and give soapstone its warm, soft feeling and light grey color. When cut soapstone oxidizes from light grey to dark charcoal in color. The color can be further dramatized when wiped down with a protective coating of coconut oil.

Natural soapstone is non-porous, odorless and tasteless. Because of these important-to-cooks-everywhere properties, our Soapstone Griddle never compromises the taste of your food. Its smooth surface surface will not react to acids and alkalis because soapstone is inert so there is no breakdown, discoloration or imparted odor or taste.

The dense stone stores and radiates heat (and cold) longer than any metal or clay cooking material spreading the heat as evenly as copper. Milled by hand in Denver, Colorado and sourced from Brazil and India, where some of the richest deposits of soapstone in the world are found.

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Now if only I had a gas stove this would work perfectly!

Our soapstone griddle cracked after a few uses on the stovetop..... We purchased this way back in September...and there was no message with the box that said NOT to use over a stove top. Can somebody please help to see if there is any way we can get a replacement or refund?

I can't exercise much due to health issues. It's very important to me to eat healthy. I will use this on my grill for veggies. Traditional cages don't protect my veggies, this will!

I am VERY disappointed. I bought this even though I thought it was way overpriced. When it arrived I opened the box and there was a big sticker on it saying do not use on an inside cooktop (which is the very reason I purchased it). After reading the info card that was attached to it, it said you can use it on gas cooktops but to heat it up slowly. We followed the directions exactly and it cracked in about 4 different places. We do own an outdoor grill and can use it on there but this negates the exact reason I spent money on this in the first place. The paperwork with the griddle says that it is not returnable. If you only want to buy this to use it on an inside gas cooktop, don't. At this point I am so disappointed that I am not even sure I will ever purchase anything again from Open Sky. What a waste of money! Not happy. :-(