Gold Paper Bowls

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The hand gold leafed interior of these papier-mâché bowls make them almost glow. Despite their delicate form, they're surprisingly durable. These look particularly beautiful in low light.

  • Large: 3" tall, 9" dia.
  • Small: 1.5" tall, 4" dia.
  • Not food safe, for decorative purposes only
  • By Up in the Air Somewhere


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I fell in love with these the first time I saw them. They combine so many of my favorite things--gold and white (two of my favorite colors), organic and modern. No, you can't put your watermelons in them, but you can put them on top of a stack of books in your shelves, and stash your matchbook collection inside. They're like beautiful sculptures, the perfect gift for someone who wants a bit of glam, but in a more subtle way.


Elegant & inviting - thank you for offering us these lovely bowls.

Emily! I'm adding these fabulous bowls to my design blog! AMAZING!

Wait...maybe I like this one more!