Sea Salt Chocolate Butter Toffee

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Award Winning 2013 International Chocolate Salon

A regional phenomenon. We've taken what is a traditional english butter toffee and taken it to a place that makes you crave more. Buttery, crunchy, breaks so easily as you chew. Doused and coated in a 55% tempered chocolate and slashed with a cyprus sea salt.

From nibbles, to bites, to gobbling all these tasty bites up you are going to love this sweet.

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  • Ingredients: Butter, Chocolate, Vanilla, Sea Salt
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Allergen: Soy lecithin, Dairy
  • Edible Weight: 8oz


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What is the net weight of the toffee? If I decide to purchase some, I would like to know how much to expect.

It sounds wonderful but $20.00 is not just a little, but a lot out of my price range. I'm sorry but i guess I'll just have to settle for store bought.

This is probably the best toffee I've ever had. The combination of the dark chocolate, sea salt and buttery toffee is so delicious. I would love to buy more and probably will - will just have to up the exercise. The best.

This stuff is addicting. Just ordered some more!