Pavé Love Ring by t+j Designs

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Pave Love Ring by T+J Designs
  • Materials: pave stones; 14k gold plated base metal
  • Measurements: available in ring sizes 4-7
  • Origin: China


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As you can see from the photo above, I have a very similar ring that I know you all love--I posted a photo of my ring on Instagram and it got 6100 likes! The one here is just as gorgeous and being offered at an amazing price!

From a distance, this ring is simply delicate and sparkly, with pavé stones set in a 14-karat gold plate—but up close, it’s such a sweet surprise! I love taking the idea of the nameplate necklace and creating a ring. And what better message is there to wear on your hand? I smile every time I glance down. This is a perfect gift for your girlfriends or just a sweet something for yourself!



Why nothing over size 7? I love it, but I need an 8.

Geez Tammy relax. No need to shame someone over a ring suggestion. If u don't like it don't buy it.

I think it looks nothing like ur real one that looks like the one from T&C, so I say shame on you. Anyone that thinks its going to be anyway similar to the real thing is going to be sorely disappointed. I wouldn't mind if it didn't look like a gumball machine ring.