Exclusive: Imported Italian Olive Wood Cutting Boards

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Approximate Measurements:
Small measures 17" x 9.5" x 1"
Medium measures 18" x 10" x 3/4"
Large measures 22.75" x 16" x 1"
  • Each board varies due to handmade nature
  • Seasoned for 3 to 5 years before used to create olivewood boards. 
  • Darkness of the wood grain denotes the age. The pattern and complexity of the olivewood grain denote from where on the tree the particular item comes from. Large pieces of olivewood are rarely found due to the way the trees grow, splitting and twisting as they age.
  • Care with food oil
  • Hand wash only
  • Does not absorb liquids, colors or bad odors
  • Bacteria cannot penetrate and stay in the wood
  • Note:: Each cutting board is cut from the olive tree - sizes will vary as each piece is unique.


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I keep a few different cutting boards in my kitchen. I’ve got my thick Boos board to do the dirty work and heavy chopping. I have some plastic ones that I use for all my raw meats and fish because I can throw them right into the dishwasher. And I have a few beautiful, rustic olive wood ones that I reserve for lighter prep work and serving. They are displayed on my counter and they are truly a great conversation piece.

Of course I can cut on these rustic-looking olive boards but I like using them as a serving platter. They are light weight but sturdy, each piece is unique, and great for slicing up something like charcuterie in the kitchen and carrying out to the dining table.

You can't get these specific boards anywhere else in the States. They are made by craftsmen in Tuscany who cut down giant olive trees and season the wood for 3 to 5 years before they start working with them. You can feel the handmade quality when you get your hands on them - it's not something you find every day.  And get this... they even smell like olives.  How cool is that?

While these boards are definitely worth the wait, you don't have to.  I have arranged for OpenSky to offer these to you just in time for holiday entertaining.  Check out these photos...




Our ever popular giant olive wood cutting boards have sold out - small and medium still in stock! Check out https://www.opensky.com/erbari..." target="_blank" class="post-link">https://www.opensky.com/erbari... for perfect stocking stuffers!
https://www.opensky.com/erbari..." target="_blank" class="post-link">https://www.opensky.com/erbari...

Good afternoon. Will you be having any additional sales before Christmas? Thanks!

Giant Cutting Boards now back in stock just in time for Holiday shopping! Get one for yourself and give one as a gift - Medium and small sizes also back in stock!!