Sr. Java Engineer

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Job Location New York City

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Job Description

  • we are looking for a problem solver, who as a member of business operations tech team, will do all that is necessary to guarantee a fully functional eCommerce back-end environment
  • forget about being shut in a cubicle and spoon-fed with small tasks; Opensky is where you constantly interact with other developers as well as with everybody in the company hopping from task to task, which are quite often defined, specced out and executed by you
  • routine tasks include making sure our orders are flowing, inventory is in sync, fulfillment is happening as expected, emails are sent, accounting is updated, documents are uploaded to S3 and many more, through our in-house software solution comprising of many cool technologies
  • responsibilities, just as rewards, are many and they constantly shift in a dynamic environment, requiring you to adapt and apply your senior engineering skills and experience


  • Independent, motivated, assertive, energetic, respectful, social and flexible
  • Significant experience with Java SE/EE (JDBC, JAXB, EJB) and its surrounding ecosystem, specifically Spring
  • Experience with RDBMS development (writing SQL and PLSQL against MySQL or Oracle or postgreSQL or DB2)
  • Comfortable developing in a MacOS/Linux environment (using scripting, bash/perl/python)
  • Experience with Dependency Management Systems (Maven or Ivy)
  • Experience with Data Interchange Formats (XML, JSON)


  • Knowledge of NOSQL Databases (MongoDB or Cassandra)
  • Experience setting up or configuring Continuous Integration (CruiseControl, Jenkins, Hudson or TeamCity)
  • Experience with Integration FrameWorks or Enterprise Service Buses (Mule ESB or Apache Camel/ServiceMix or Spring Integration)
  • Comfortable using Git for Version Control
  • Knowledge or curiosity towards Scala
  • Familiarity with PHP, Ruby

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