3 PERSON SAUNA Clearlight Jacuzzi IS-3 Low EMF Infrared FAR Carbon Bluetooth New

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3 PERSON Clearlight IS-3-Glass Sauna Infrared Carbon/Ceramic New

The Clearlight JACUZZI®  Dual Heat Premier Sauna 

Clearly The Best Made Sauna In The World! 


Our True Wave II heaters are the only carbon based infrared heaters with virtually No-EMF

3 Person IS-3-Glass Sauna Ideal For Couples Who Desire The Best!!



What differentiates the world class Clearlight  JACUZZI®   far infrared saunas from all others? Craftsmanship and our True Infrared II™ technology!

All of our Clearlight™ far infrared saunas are made with the highest quality tongue and groove North American Basewood and include our advanced True Wave II™ heaters making Clearlight™ Saunas the sauna of choice.

Your IS-3-Glass sauna includes full glass door for light, recessed halogen accent lights for mood and reading, digital keypad both inside and outside your sauna that controls temperature, time and lights and a high quality stereo system with two-way speakers built in with MP3/iPod jack AUX in-puts, plus Bluetooth.

Our True Wave II heaters are the only combination Carbon and Ceramic far infrared heater. These heaters are truly the best of both worlds.

The carbon allows the True Wave II heaters to produce long wave far infrared heat. The long infrared wave will penetrate deeper into your body and give you the benefits you are looking for.

The patented organic Ceramic compound that we add to the carbon give the heaters a very high infrared output. Traditional carbon heaters are weaker by themselves, but not our True Wave II heaters. They produce exceptional quality infrared and a lot of it. Please see the comparison test we performed below.

True Wave II vs. Traditional Carbon Heater Comparison Test

We also position our heaters so the infrared heat is concentrated on your body. Since infrared heat travels in a straight line, any heater that goes up over your head is only heating the air. By using our high output heaters, we can concentrate the heat exclusively on your body so you get the most benefit.

We also surround you with infrared. The IS-3-Glass has two heaters on the front wall, a large heater across the entire back wall, two side wall heaters and a heater underneath the bench. Also there is an under the wood floor foot heater!

For Constant Infrared Heat: Simply set the digital controller to the highest setting. You'll receive 100% constant far-infrared heat with absolutely no heater shut-off throughout your entire 30 to 45 minute sauna session, guaranteed.

Your IS-3-Glass has a total of 3,640 sq. in. of True Wave II™ heaters. The large size of each heater allows for a lower surface temperature than other infrared sauna heater technology. This means better performance well within the optimal wave range of 7 to 14 microns with a good portion of wavelengths at 9.4--which is the frequency at which the human body absorbs infrared heat.

Standard accessories included with your IS-3-Glass: 

> MP3/iPod jack AUX in-puts, plus Bluetooth

> Under the wood floor Foot Heater!




North American Basswood is a “white” wood with a yellow to whitish color. Basswood has a very dense cellular structure making it stronger, more stable and sweat resistant. It is also resistant to cracking and splitting.

Basswood is also considered hypoallergenic. It has almost no odor and is one of the only woods not considered a “sensitizer” for people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.


Clearlight IS-3-GS - 3 Person Basewood SaunaWood TypeGrade "A" North American Basewood.

Tongue & Groove construction.
Absolutely no veneers or glues used! Width61" WDepth44" DHeight76" HWeight440 lbsPower 120 Volts,
1950 Watts,
16 Amps

Plugs into a 20 amp outlet.
Clearlight IS-3 Interior SpecificationsHeater Surface Area:3,640 sq inW x D x H Interior Dimensions
56"W x 40"D x 71"HBench Size
54"L X 22"D Clearlight IS-2 WarrantyCabinetryLifetimeElectricalLifetimeHeatersLifetime


  • True Wave™ high output combination carbon/ceramic far infrared and full spectrum heaters.
    Click here for more information about our exclusive heating technology.
  • Virtually EMF/ELF free infrared heating technology.
    Click here for more information about the potential hazards of EMF
  • The first and only independently tested low EMF & low ELF Infrared Sauna. Don’t just take our word for it. Our heaters are independently tested to show how low the EMF & ELF levels are.
    Click here to see the full report – 2mb PDF

  • Clearlight Sauna® models are made from Eco-Certified sustainable Western Red Canadian Cedar or North American Basswood and we use solid wood construction.
  • Our furniture-grade cabins are designed to provide maximum comfort during your sauna session.
  • Doctor designed 22″ deep reversible ergonomic/flat benches, ergonomic backrests, thicker walls, elegant details, exterior lighting and beautiful craftsmanship are just some of the Clearlight Sauna® model exclusives.
    Click here for more information about our sauna cabins.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on ALL components backed by our  20+ years manufacturing infrared saunas.
  • All Clearlight Infrared Sauna® models are designed by a doctor, not simply endorsed by a doctor!
    Click here to Find our more about our founder, Dr. Raleigh Duncan.
  • We take pride in our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for the last  20 years.   Click here for more information about our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Your Sauna Works sauna comes with another exclusive... A lifetime warranty! Few other companies can offer this type of warranty because no one builds saunas like Sauna Works.

Our True Wave far infrared emitters have an estimated operational life of 20,000 hours. Using your sauna 5 times per week your True Wave heaters will last 51 years. All Clearlight Sauna grade "A" clear cedar cabins are air dried to 7% moisture content then each panel is pressed to ensure a lifetime free from warping or cracks.

All electrical components in your Clearlight Sauna are manufactured to our exacting standards and once your sauna comes out of production at our factory, we run the sauna for a full 8 hours to ensure that it is in top working condition.

In the rare event that you might have an issue with your sauna, our complete lifetime warranty covers the entire sauna - heaters, controls/electrical and wood... even the included AM/FM/CD player. As we light to say, "Everything, but the light bulbs"! With over 14 years in the far infrared sauna business you'll never have to worry if anything should go wrong with your sauna.

Clearlight Infrared Saunas is proud to picked as the infrared saunas used at the 2007 USA Wrestling World Team Trials and the 2008 US Olympic Wrestling Team Trial in Las Vegas, NV. Congratulation to the 2007 World Team Trial winners and good luck next year at the Olympic Wrestling Team Trial.

1. We put our sauna together with no problems. Have used it and love it. We don't know how we did without one all these years! Before purchasing our sauna, I had researched extensively by going to several sites that sold them and often not quite impressed with what was offered, how they looked and the wood they were made of. I knew I wanted no other wood but Cedar.

On the day I found Clearlight Infrared I was both impressed with the looks, warranty, and wealth of information I got in talking with Heather. I certainly had a lot of questions. By the time I got through talking with Heather, I knew we would be buying our sauna from you.

The workmanship, quality, and most important, the excellent customer service I've received have made this purchase a pleasing experience. Andy, thank you for your great customer service and please extend my thanks to Heather as well, she's truly an asset to your company.

Have a great day!

New Mexico

2. I have never felt so alive and I am young and never thought I was unhealthy. I haven't had any cold symptoms, headaches or any minor problems since using it and ridding the toxins. I have recommended your particular sauna to everyone interested or not knowing about infrared technology.

Appleton, WI

3. I am using the sauna 5/7 days/week. I just love it. There are now some mornings when I wake up and feel no pain in my neck and shoulders. I look forward to more days like this. I am someone who is always cold to the touch, and now my family tells me to 'Go to your cabin' whenever I complain of being cold. I enjoy my time in the cabin. Sometimes I listen to the radio and do Sudoku puzzles, other times I read a novel. I enjoy my quiet time.

Last weekend I did hours of gardening that would normally leave me pretty sore, but I went to 'my cabin' and I feel that it diminished the soreness that should have been present. Thanks for your great product and excellent customer service.


4. I have epilepsy and went for my 6 month check-up and the doctor walks in and first thing he says is wow you look great! You have a glow about you and look so healthy. I told him about the sauna and how I am sleeping better and feeling good. He said to keep it up and he is wants to get one for himself.

Also just got over the H1N1 flu and the doctor said to live in the sauna being good for the lungs to clear out, it did help to take the aches and chills go away.

Esko, MN

5. Our Clearlight IR sauna arrived a few days ago. My 17 yr. old son and I put it together in about 30 minutes. It is just beautiful, like a piece of furniture. My whole family has used the sauna several times and it is wonderful. I will admit that I was initially a bit skeptical about having a good sweat at lower temperatures. Now I am totally converted. My wife never liked traditional saunas because they are such a hot and "hostile" environment. She has used our Clearlight sauna everyday since it arrived and loves it.

As a healthcare provider, I have been familiar with the health benefits of IR light for years. I appreciated that Clearlight saunas didn't just talk about the potential benefits but provided references for the recent research regarding these benefits.

Thanks again for all your help. It was a pleasure working with you. Your customer service is beyond my expectations. That is something that doesn't happen very often.

Best regards,

Doctor of Chiropractic
Las Vegas, NV

Sauna Works Clearlight Saunas are not just made with high quality and craftsmanship, but with the knowledge and experience brought by it's founder Dr. Raleigh Duncan. With many years of experience as a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Duncan's knowledge and expertise can be felt in every Clearlight Sauna.

"I started out as a massage therapist", says Dr. Duncan, "and started using a Far Infrared Sauna for my clients. The first thing I noticed was how much more relaxed their muscles were after a brief stint inside the sauna - I could literally feel the difference."

Soon his clients began reporting additional benefits from the therapy and wanted to buy their own units. A business was born, and Dr. Duncan says far infrared therapy is getting recognized in more and more niche areas of medicine. 



Author, public speaker, alternative medicine advocate and one of the best-known figures in alternative medicine.


Author of Alternatives Newsletter


Director of the Hippocrates Health Institute


Health educator, Instructor of “Digestive and Metabolic Physiology and Nutrition”   www.drginger.com



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