GLYDE ULTRA Organic Strawberry

GLYDE ULTRA Organic Strawberry

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GLYDE ULTRA Organic Strawberry flavored condoms are made with 100% natural organic fruit and plant extracts: no weird chemicals or sugar added, just pure delicious flavor. Our flavored condoms are available in standard 53mm size, perfect for most men, and provides ultra sheer comfort with superior sensation.

  •   Made from natural thistle extract and natural rubber latex sourced Fair Trade

  •   No unpleasant latex odor

  •   Lightly lubricated with our special non-toxic formula

  •   No petrochemicals, parabens or spermicides or glycerin

  •   No animal by-products (casein), no animal testing, certified by the Vegan Society

  •   Crafted with an exclusive patented technology for extra silky comfort

  •   Exceeds global requirements for strength and durability


Patented Technology

Our exclusive patented manufacturing process, called ‘double dipping’, produces an exceptionally sheer and silky sheath, while improving durability. GLYDE condoms are responsibly thin and comfortable, and exceed global standards for strength.

Formula + Process
GLYDE’s exclusive natural formula of thistle extract and rubber latex combined with our double washing process eliminates the unpleasant odor common to conventional condoms.

Comfortable Fit
Proper fit is essential for maximum enjoyment for both partners. While condoms can vary in size up to 2mm, some manufacturers indicate size by citing the largest average diameter. GLYDE uses the smallest average diameter, which ensures greater comfort, secure reliability and a more accurate product description. Choose from ULTRA, MAXI or SLIMFIT – we have you covered.

Certified Ethical, Vegan & Fair Trade
GLYDE's mission to create a premium condom that feels and performs better started with a natural and vegan formula. All latex condoms are made with natural latex from rubber trees, but manufacturing a condom requires additional ingredients. While conventional brands use a cheaply manufactured animal by-product called casein, GLYDE condoms use a top quality thistle extract and do not involve animal testing.

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