Show Me The Kwan
Show Me The Kwan
Show Me The Kwan
Show Me The Kwan
Show Me The Kwan
Show Me The Kwan

Show Me The Kwan

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Show Me The Kwan™ is a clever, road-ready party game where spelling isn’t everything! 

Pick your category and roll the letter dice. Watch for the die that has “1st, 2nd or Last” on its side because this determines how the game will be played!

Everybody calls out words that fit the category, but don't worry about spelling them with the letter dice! Instead, find words based only on their “1st, 2nd or Last” letter.

Race to call out as many words as you can using the letters on the dice. For example if the category were Groceries, and the die rolled "2nd" everyone would use the remaining letter dice to call out words like "Banana" or "Beet" if an "A" or "E" were showing.

Everyone has the opportunity to get silly and personalize game answers to their experiences, leading to more points for everybody!

Good luck and happy word play!

What is Show Me The Kwan? 
It is the way to Show (me) Everything... like in Jerry Maguire!

If a player is able to come up with 3 different words that each use the same (1) letter in all three positions (1st, 2nd and Last), they have the opportunity to stop game play by shouting  "I can show you the Kwan". If the player is successful, they are immediately awarded 5 points and that round is over. Other players may not collect points during this round. 

Challenge your speed and the vocabulary of others with this quick-play, quirky word game!