Show Me The Kwan
Show Me The Kwan
Show Me The Kwan
Show Me The Kwan

Show Me The Kwan

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Inside the lovable blue bag, Show Me The Kwan is a clever, road-ready party game where spelling isn’t everything! Players let loose in this quick, word-grabbing game because you never know what kooky, creative words a roll of the dice will bring.

Be the first player to reach 50 points by calling out words in the category where the “1st, 2nd or Last” letter match one of the letters on the dice rolled.

Game play is open, and creative freedom is encouraged with inspiring and unconventional categories like:

Things Done in Under a Minute,
Your Morning Routine,
and Movies with Animals that Talk

Everyone has the opportunity to get silly and personalize game answers to their experiences,  ultimately leading to more points for everybody!

Players of all ages are challenged to think of how words are constructed and visualize, or sound out, the spelling of the beginning or end of a word in order to collect points.

What is Show Me The Kwan? 
It is the way to Show (me) Everything... like in Jerry Maguire!

If a player is able to come up with 3 different words that each use the same (1) letter in all three positions (1st, 2nd and Last), they have the opportunity to stop game play by shouting  "I can show you the Kwan". If the player is successful, they are immediately awarded 5 points and that round is over. Other players may not collect points during this round. 

Challenge your speed and the vocabulary of others with this quick-play, quirky word game!


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