Hollywood Earthworm Anti-Aging Extract Featured by The Doctors & NY Times
Hollywood Earthworm Anti-Aging Extract Featured by The Doctors & NY Times

Hollywood Earthworm Anti-Aging Extract Featured by The Doctors & NY Times

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Product Description

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This is our special Earthworm Casting (POOH) extract! It's been featured by The Doctors, NY Times, Shape Magazine, LA Times and more.

NO...It doesn't smell like pooh of any kind. In fact it has no real smell at all. We make this extract from earthworm castings (pooh) derived from Red Wigglers raised on an organic farm in Vermont. No worms are hurt for their castings...they just leave it behind as they go about recycling the earth. We use this exclusive extract in our world famous Wrinkle Butter and you can add it to your favorite products for the ultimate anti-aging  and skin healing experience.

We began making this extract in 2011 exclusively for skin care professionals around the country. It became a big hit in Hollywood and has been touted as one of the best kept secrets of the stars. Some of biggest A-List celebs have admitted to using our earthworm facial treatments provided by Hollywood's most exclusive spas. Then the word got out on The Doctors television show in early 2012 and we got orders from everywhere in the world. That's when we decided to create our exclusive Wrinkle Butter with earthworm complex.

After receiving thousands of requests for the pure Earthworm extract, we've decided to offer it as an exclusive to opensky customers.

This extract is being purchased by big skincare companies for more up to $100 per 0.5 fluid ounces as an additive for their anti-aging products, but we want to bring it to the masses for a very fair price. Only $39.99 for opensky customers ONLY!

Earthworm Complex is an extract made from earthworm poop or as organic farmers know it, "Castings". Earthworm castings naturally contain humates, auxins, kinetins and cytokinins that act as an anti-aging compounds to slow the decay of plants. Each of these compounds has been shown to have the same anti-aging benefits when applied to human skin. This innovative ingredient contains more anti-aging compounds than the most expensive beauty products and no, it doesn't smell like pooh. Earthworm castings are in all soil and there is no scent. 

The Anti-Aging Compounds in Earthworm Extract:

  1. Humates: Healthy soil contains most if not all vitamins including humic acid and fulvic acid. Studies have shown that humic acid impairs the attachment of certain viruses to their respective hosts. The anti-viral property of humic acid may be considered "broad spectrum". Humic acid has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties and bolster the immune system.
  2. Auxins: A variety of hormones are in the Auxin family and they have been proven to have an immediate firming effect on skin while helping to repair the damage of time.
  3. CytoKinins: The anti-cancer and anti-aging effects of Cytokinins have been well documented. They regulate cell division and influence the rate at which cells grow and decay. Studies are now showing that the potent, protective, anti-aging effects of Cytokinins work the same way in human skin. 
  4. Kinetins: Kinetins are used in anti-aging skincare products because of their ability to improve the appearance of mature and photo-damaged skin. As a powerful antioxidant, kinetin is believed to help prevent free radical damage. Studies have suggested kinetin is effective in improving hyperpigmentation and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. By helping the skin retain up to 25 percent more moisture, kinetin also promotes a healthy and hydrated complexion.

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