Fiery Pro Self-Heating Back Support
Fiery Pro Self-Heating Back Support
Fiery Pro Self-Heating Back Support

Fiery Pro Self-Heating Back Support

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"Serious Heat for Serious Relief"

Fiery Pro™ uses dual Magnetic & Tourmaline Technology to privde deep, penetrating heat for people with muscle and joint issues. This high-quality, durable support requires no plug-in as it activates Magnets to produce natural heat. The addition of Tourmaline, which carries an intrinsic electrical charge, helps enhance the magnetic properties for long lasting relief. It usually takes people 5-20 minutes to feel the heat and it may also fluctuate in temperature to provide cooling relief like an icy/hot feeling.

Natural Heat helps improve:

  • Blood Circulation
  • Muscle Relief
  • Joint Problems due to Aging
  • Tension & Soreness
  • Inflammation After Workouts
  • Mobility & Flexibility
  • Range of Motion
  • Aids in Recovery
  • Deep, Long Lasting Relief

Adjustable Fit: Fiery Pro™ are designed with adjustable Velcro straps to fit nearly all body types.

S/M Size: 26"-34" waist

L/XL Size: 34"-46" waist

Directions for Use:

Fiery Pro™ Magnetic Supports contain Magnets & Tourmaline which are highly effective in providing deep, penetrating relief for people with muscle & joint problems. You should feel its warming effects within 5-20 minutes while wearing it. And once you feel the relief sensation activate on your skin, continue wearing for another 30 minutes or as desired. After you remove the support, the relief sensation can last up to 2 hours or more. If it is too intense, you can pour milk on your skin to nullify the sensation. There are no side effects.

  1. Wear snug and directly touching your skin to receive the full benefits.
  2. Wear for up to 20 minutes to feel effects as everybody reacts differently as the magnetic field adjusts to your body part.
  3. If you don’t feel any heating or cooling sensations, it means you have no discomfort in that area.
  4. To feel the effects faster, you can dampen your skin with water before wearing the support as water acts as a conduit.
  5. If the heat is too intense, you can nullify the heat by putting milk on the affected area.
  6. Do not place the support on open wounds, eyes,and other highly sensitive parts of your body.
  7. Do not use support if you wear a pacemaker or electromechanical prosthesis since magnets may cause electrical interference in these devices.