FREE SHIPPING: Japanese Made Iron Wok
FREE SHIPPING: Japanese Made Iron Wok
FREE SHIPPING: Japanese Made Iron Wok

FREE SHIPPING: Japanese Made Iron Wok

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13" Wok
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Many chefs will tell you that there is no substitute for an iron wok. This wok is constructed out to be a single piece of metal for strength and durability.

This wok has a contoured bottom which allows for quick and even heating. The wok will gradually seasoned, developing a natural non-stick surface.  Safe for both gas and electric stoves. Note: electric stove users, please allow extra time to bring to proper cooking temperature.

  • Handle is 6" x 1.35"
  • Made in Japan
  • 13" weighs 3.5 lbs 14.25" weighs 4 lbs

Seasoning Instructions
To season a new or to re-season an old rusty wok, thoroughly scrub it inside and out with soap and a steel wool scouring pad to remove the manufacturer’s protective coating on a new wok, or the rust on an old one. Rinse thoroughly with hot water. Some manufacturers apply a coating that is hard to remove, so set the wok on the stove, fill it with water and boil it for several minutes until the coating dissolves. Pour out the water and scrub the surface clean with steel wool and soap.

Set the clean wok over high heat. Heat until a few drops of water sprinkled into the wok immediately turn into dancing beads. While the pan is heating, it will change from shiny steel grey to blue, purple, red and, finally, black.

Dip several sheets of wadded-up paper towel into peanut or corn oil and wipe the oil on the entire inside surface of the wok (you may want to use long-handled tongs to hold the towels). Reduce heat to low and let the wok sit over the heat for 15 minutes to absorb the oil – the color changes will continue and, hopefully, the bottom of the wok will darken. In time and with frequent use the entire wok will turn black. If the surface looks dry, wipe with another thin film of oil. Remove wok from the burner and let it cool.

Reheat the wok and repeat the oiling and heating process once more before using it for stir-frying.