Tanda Pearl Teeth Whitening System + FREE Booster Kit
Tanda Pearl Teeth Whitening System + FREE Booster Kit
Tanda Pearl Teeth Whitening System + FREE Booster Kit
Tanda Pearl Teeth Whitening System + FREE Booster Kit
Tanda Pearl Teeth Whitening System + FREE Booster Kit
Tanda Pearl Teeth Whitening System + FREE Booster Kit

Tanda Pearl Teeth Whitening System + FREE Booster Kit

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Professionally whiter teeth in 5 days. Visibly whiter teeth in just 5 minutes!

Tanda Pearl™ is a revolutionary new ionic teeth whitening system. It uses patented ionic technology to deliver professionally whiter teeth in 5 days and visibly whiter teeth in just 5 minutes…with no sensitivity. The Pearl is the first and only device to provide 360° total whitening with its unique double-biting tray that treats all your teeth, front and back. Enamel-safe and easy to use, the ionic whitening gel breaks down stains deep inside the teeth with no sensitivity or irritation to deliver your whitest, brightest smile quickly and comfortably.

The technology of the Pearl device activates a unique ionic whitening gel when it comes in contact with your teeth. The hydrogen peroxide in the gel turns into oxygen, which penetrates the tooth enamel, attacking dark-colored molecules, to break down stains set deep inside the teeth.

The Tanda Pearl uses a revolutionary new way to activate the whitening technology. The device contains patented ionic whitening gel to deliver fast, professional whitening results – without any of the side effects or irritation.

The Pearl’s patented ionic technology safely breaks down stains set deep inside the teeth, whitening your teeth from the inside out.

In addition to the unparalleled whitening results, the Tanda Pearl system supports your optimal oral health. The ionic gel reduces tartar build-up and effectively kills unwanted bacteria, leaving your mouth and teeth with a fresh, clean feeling.

  • Immediately: Teeth will start to visibly whiten after just one 5-minute treatment.
  • After 5 days: Professionally whiter teeth, with no sensitivity. Fast, safe and highly effective results due to patented ionic technology.
  • 360° Total Whitening: The only system with a double-biting tray to whiten both front and back of all teeth at the same time.
  • No Sensitivity: Enamel-safe ionic technology provides maximum whitening results without sensitivity or irritation.
  • Easy to Use: Hands-free mouth-tray device is soft and comfortable.
  • Reusable: Device can be reused, with additional booster kits of gel available for a smile boost or regular smile maintenance.
  • Clean, Fresh Feeling: Treatment effectively kills bacteria, reduces tartar build-up, and fights bad breath. Leaves your mouth feeling fresh, cool and clean.

Step 1: Squeeze one gel tube evenly into each side of the tray, using a total of 2 gel tubes.
Step 2: Activate device and treat for 5 minutes. 
Step 3: Remove device and rinse your mouth and the tray. Use a toothbrush to quickly and thoroughly clean the mouth-tray.
Conduct two 5 minutes treatments a day, for 5 days totaling 50 minutes.
Avoid eating or drinking for 30 minutes afterwards.

Booster Kit Includes: 20 Ionic Whitening Gel Tubes, to be used with the Pearl device. 


It’s easy to customize the Pearl protocol to fit your lifestyle.

The 5-day whitener: Use the Pearl twice daily for 5 days. Use one treatment each time when you brush your teeth morning and night or use both treatments together to begin or end your day.

The 50-minute whitener: For that smile emergency, get immediate results by using the device for 10 consecutive treatment cycles, totaling 50 minutes.

Smile boost: The Pearl device is reusable for up to 50 treatments. You can purchase a Pearl Booster Kit with 10 gel tubes and give your smile a boost to prepare for a special occasion or simply maintain your bright, white smile. Use one treatment a day for 5 days.


How is the Ionic Whitening gel different from others?

The enamel safe Ionic Whitening gel was exclusively developed to work together with the Pearl tray. It is based on a unique formula of safe and effective ingredients that remove dental stains to deliver whiter teeth while killing germs and bacteria on the teeth and gums. The spearmint flavor leaves you with cool, fresh breath.

What is the Pearl advantage?

The clinically proven technology and ergonomic design of the Pearl provides fast, effective and safe professional teeth whitening results in the comfort of your home. You will have 100% certainty that your teeth are as white as they can be with Tanda’s fast and effective, enamel-safe patented ionic technology.

No other system can give you professionally whiter teeth in 5 days and visibly whiter teeth starting from 5 minutes – all with no sensitivity while delivering 360° total- whitening. The double-biting, hands-free tray treats all of your teeth at once while protecting the gums from irritation. It’s stripless, slipless, dentistless, painless, and will leave your teeth spotless.

Can it be used to whiten unnatural tooth surfaces such as veneers and crowns?

The Pearl will only work on natural teeth. This means that all dental work including bonding, veneers, crowns and bridges will not whiten.

Can I still use the Pearl if I have used other teeth whitening products in the past?

Yes. You can use the Pearl regardless of having used other teeth whitening products in the past.

Is the Pearl device reusable?

Yes. The Pearl tray can be reused. In order to keep your teeth white, it is recommended to use the Tanda Pearl every 3 months for optimal maintenance and results. After your initial treatment, simply purchase the Pearl Ionic Whitening gel Booster Kit, which contains replenishment gel packs to maintain your white smile.

How long will the whitening results last?

Your teeth will continue to whiten after your Pearl treatment as the ionic gel continues to break down stains long after the treatment cycle has been completed. The Pearl is designed to deliver professional results after 5 days. Individual results will vary based on your age, natural color of teeth, and your consumption habits of red wine, tea, coffee, smoking and use of some medications.

Is the mouth-tray comfortable?

The hands-free mouth-tray device is ergonomically designed to be soft and comfortable, and allows you to multi-task while you do your 5 minute treatment: check your email, get ready for your day (or your bed!)…it will be over before you know it. You don’t need to clench or bite down too hard on the tray; it will stay in place on its own.

What are the side effects of Pearl tooth whitening?

There are no expected side effects when using the Pearl. The Pearl clinical trial showed no sensitivity, irritation or discomfort. However, it is important to use the Pearl as directed and only with the Pearl ionic whitening gel.

Improper use of the Pearl system can result in the following possible side effects:

  • Gum or lip tenderness, mild pain or burning sensation: If this happens, spontaneous relief should occur within a few days without any treatment. If any of the side effects persist for more than a week – seek medical assistance.
  • Increased tooth sensitivity: Spontaneous relief should occur within few days without any treatment. If the sensation persists for more than a week – seek medical assistance.

I've just whitened my teeth, can I smoke?

Your whitening results will decrease if you smoke or consume any stain causing beverages such as coffee, red wine, or tea. It is recommended to avoid these after a teeth whitening. Avoid eating and drinking for 30 minutes after each treatment.

Is the Tanda Pearl Device water resistant?

Only the Pearl mouth-tray is water resistant and can be rinsed under water, but you should avoid getting the handle wet and it should never be immersed in water. It is recommended to clean the mouth-tray with a toothbrush to quickly and thoroughly remove the gel.

What if the indicator light on the Pearl mouth-tray does not turn green?

Check that the gel is evenly spread inside the mouth tray so that it is in contact with the inner walls of the tray. If the indicator light still does not turn green, it could be that the gel is too cold, let the gel sit in a room temperature environment for 30 minutes prior to use. If the problem persists, replace the gel in the mouth tray.

How should I clean the tray?

The tray should be cleaned by using a tooth brush. It is important to make sure the tray is dry before placing it in the clam shell storage case.

Can I keep the ionic whitening gel in the freezer?

The gel should not be kept in the freezer. However, it should be stored in a cool, dry environment away from heat and direct sunlight. It is recommended to store the gel in a refrigerator to prolong the effectiveness, and then leave it out for 30 minutes at room temperature prior to use. It is also important to keep the Pearl system (clean and dry) in the clamshell storage case between uses.

What happens if I swallow gel during the treatment?

The shape of the Pearl tray is especially designed to hold the gel on teeth throughout the treatment. No adverse events will result from ingesting the saliva with some gel during treatment. While swallowing large amounts of gel could cause nausea and stomach irritation, this gel contains a small amount of peroxide, which shouldn’t cause any irritation or nausea. However at the end of the treatment it is important to spill out the remaining gel and saliva from your mouth and rinse with water.

Should I brush my teeth before and after the treatment?

It is recommended to brush your teeth before the treatment and simply rinse with water afterwards. To allow full activation of the ionic gel, it is recommended NOT to brush the teeth right after your Pearl treatment.

Is it safe to use while pregnant or breast-feeding?

It is recommended you consult your physician before using the product if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

Is the Tanda Pearl battery rechargeable?

The battery is not rechargeable, and will perform longer if the device is stored in a cool dry environment (room temperature). The Pearl will last for at least 50 treatments of 5 minutes.






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