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Purchase includes one pair of YogaJellies in your choice of color.

What Are YogaJellies?

YogaJellies are a set of 2 discs that cushion and support any weight-bearing area of the body. These 5.5-inch discs are made out of a non-toxic and latex-free silicon-based material.

How to Use YogaJellies

Every body is different, so there is no right or wrong way to use YogaJellies. We suggest that you browse our photo gallery for ideas to get you started, but there's no need to stop there! We strongly encourage you to get creative and explore how these little wonders can make a difference in your practice. 

Who should use YogaJellies?

YogaJellies are for anyone practicing yoga or engaging in an exercise or physical therapy program. YogaJellies are designed to relieve distracting and inhibiting pain or discomfort, allowing users to fully participate in their desired activity. 

Made in the USA. Patent Pending.

About YogaJellies Founder, Anita Jaworenko: 

I teach Baptiste Power Vinyasa yoga at a wonderful studio in my hometown. I began practicing yoga while self-employed as a personal fitness trainer as part of rehabilitation therapy for a disc injury.

I've been an inventor for as long as I can remember. For many years, however, a lack of confidence prevented me from ever following through with my ideas. Yoga changed that. As I continued to study and grow in my own practice I began to see and believe in my own potential.

One day I was using our computer and I looked at our mouse pad — which has a squishy wrist rest — and realized that I had found the perfect cushion material.

From that “Ah-ha!” moment, I called the invention “Jel-EASE” because I thought what was inside the computer pad was a gel substance (it turned out to be a type of silicone), and because of the ease it would provide anyone who could benefit from a little extra cushioning in their practice. Since then, YogaJellies have made a huge difference in my yoga practice. Having cushioning where I didn’t realize I needed it has taken many of my poses to a whole new level.

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